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Here we are going to review the Hot Anime Girl you have been watching in ranking format, Anime girl seems to be cute anytime we are talking about Anime world. Have your time to check the lists

No 1. Yuna Yunohana - Anime girl

anime girl

Cute but ghost. Anime Girl

Miyuki Shimabukuro’s heroine from Yurina-san she is a heroine but a ghost.

Her height is 153mm, but it is a ghost, but the chest cup is 93mm.

Although she is 16 years old, it seems that a lot of years have passed since he passed away.

Since she is a ghost, she cannot be seen by ordinary people, but since it exists as a “phenomenon”, it can be touched and touched.

There is also a phenomenon that only that part becomes dull when immersed in hot water. It is said that you can feel the taste when you give it.

It’s a ghost, but it’s super cute. In addition, it is a stunning style.


Is the spec too high?

No 2. REM - Anime girl

anime girl

Blue hair + maid clothes = best – Anime Girl

Anime Girl Inori Minase Character that appears in “Re: Life in a different world from zero”.

Her birthday is February 2 and my age is 17.

she is 154cm tall and a little small, and the weight seems to be “lighter than the iron ball”.

We are good at all kinds of housework such as cooking, washing, cleaning and sewing, and are perfect as a maid!

Her hobbies are theater appreciation and poetry, and a literary girl.

Rem is very popular because she is gentle and devoted to her husband, and looks like an obedient maid, but she also utters a rude poisonous tongue.

Gothic Lolita Maid looks good and really cute.

The question is why my sister, Rim, who is a twin sister, is not so popular. I think it is because of the light blue hair that looks.


Is it because there is big breasts in addition to that? (Of course, in addition to the others, there are various things such as the importance in the story and the cuteness of Inori Minase’s voice!)

No. 3 Amano Sagiri - Anime girl

anime girl

Busty ninja girl – Anime Girl

A character appearing in Yui Takahashi ‘s Yuna-san

A girl who belongs to the “Enma Ninja”, a group of spiritual ninja that only loses monsters.

Height is 163cm, F cup with chest wall 94mm and style of gravure idol.

As a high school student, he attends the same high school as the protagonist and is popular with boys because of his beauty. 

However, because the character is old-fashioned (?), It seems that she is not interested in romance.

On the contrary, it is a merciless defeat to those who mess up Nampa boys and those who are disturbed.

On the other hand, there are aspects that seem like girls, such as those who are worried about their personality that cannot be feminine, and who want to do imadoki fashion.

Although it is a ridiculous setting of psychic ninjas, the sailor suit + busty combos are all destructive enough to make them chara.


The place where boys are not immune is also pretty . 

No. 4 Yui Hirasawa - Anime girl

anime girl

Cute light girl – Anime Girl

Born November 27, 1991. He is 156cm tall and weighs 50kg.

Blood type is O type.

K-ON! One of the main heroines.

The instrument in charge is lead guitar and vocals.

Until junior high school, it was a homecoming club, but I decided to join the light music club because I misunderstood light music as “light music”.

Although I tried to decline once I knew the actual activities, I had a background of reconsidering listening to the performances of the other three people and saying “I could do it myself”.

“The heroine” type of bright personality. The place that is a little natural is also cute.


Those who are studying are not so good, and they have become enthusiastic about the guitar and have taken the extra test. (But this time I can get 100 points as soon as I concentrate on studying)

No 5. Emilia - Anime girl

anime girl

The heroine is Emilia – Anime Girl

The heroine that appears in Rei Takahashi’s “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero”.

Born September 23, about 107 years old.

She ’s 164cm tall and his weight is like a wing.

A beautiful half-elf girl with beautiful long silver hair and purple eyes, he is also a spiritist with a large spirit-pack in the shape of a cat.

The appearance and clothes are indifferent, and the appearance is almost entirely up to the pack.

Although Rezero’s heroine is supposed to be Emilia, it feels like he is completely taken by Rem, but after all Emilia is cute!


The hairstyle is so cute. The braid headband and the place with flowers are cute!

No 6. Ritsu Tainaka - Anime girl

anime girl

Cute drum daughter – Anime Girl

Tomomi Sato “K-ON! One of the main heroines.

Born on August 21, 1991. He is 154cm tall and weighs 48kg.

Blood type is B type.

Common name (nickname) Ricchan.

At first grader who entered Sakuragaoka High School, he tried to join the School of Light Sound, but since the School of Light Sound was on the verge of abandonment, the childhood friend Akiyama who entered together was forcibly involved to rebuild the School of Light Sound. To take office as director.

A bright, lively, slightly boyish character, often wearing a professional wrestling chalk sleeper.

There is one aspect that you can enjoy playing with a kite or kite, but you will soon be abandoned when you are in a position to play with it.

A girl characterized by light brown shortcuts.

It seems that the hair band raises the bangs because you are not confident in your looks of the bangs … Rather, it is pretty pretty and the girl is pretty cute.


Girls playing drums are different from other musical instruments such as guitar and vocals, and there is a place like “Many + cute” that they like irresistibly.

anime girl

Goddess – Anime Girl

Ten Amemiya “Bless this wonderful world! The main heroine. Are you about 165cm tall? Other profiles are not disclosed.

The age is unknown because it is a “goddess”. Certainly it has existed for quite some time.

The goddess of Axis and the water. He served as a post-mortem guide for Japanese who died at a young age.

Light blue and beautiful hair, and a wonderful appearance (exactly a goddess) with outstanding proportions … but the personality is quite difficult.

The goddess has a more divine image, but in the case of Aqua it is exactly the opposite.

If you are a tune, you can’t read the air, and you’re struck by a weak crybaby.

The skill of “banquet art”, which is said to be absolutely unnecessary for the goddess, is extremely high, and the main character Kazuma says, “You can eat only with art”.


The charm of Aqua is the Hepoko Goddess, but it is not hateful. It’s cute Anime gir anyway.

No 8. Midori Kawashima - Anime girl

anime girl

Cute eyebrows – Anime Girl

CV: Moe Toyoda

“Sound! Characters appearing in Euphonium. My birthday is November 3rd. Blood type is B type.

Height is 148cm and quite small.

A member of the brass band of Kita Uji High School first grade, the instrument in charge is a contrabass (sometimes electric bass).

Heer name is “Safia” is like a complex, and I call myself “Midori” and I ask them to call it around.

It looks like it looks cute, but its mental side is one person stronger.

“K-ON! The second owner of the eyebrows next to wheat.

Green drooping eyes, fluffy maroon short hair, and the trademark emerald green ribbon. She’ popular Anime girl that looks cute already.


However, it is a cool word to see how big a big bass is played with a small body!

No 9. Izumi Sagiri - Anime girl

anime girl

Withdrawal beautiful girl – Anime Girl

The main heroine that appears in “Ero Manga Sensei” by Satoshi Fujita .

First-year junior high school student born on December 10th. Blood type is A type.

Withdrawal that does not go to school and does not leave school + room.

She live with her brother, Masamune, and when there is an errand, tap the floor and let them know.

It looks introverted and has an introverted character, but the lower story is very good and aggressive.

She work as a professional illustrator with the pen name “Ero Manga” and I am in charge of the illustration of my brother’s light novel.

Although it is a small and beautiful girl with a silver-haired eye, she has a ridiculous propensity (?) That she gets excited when she sees cute girls in swimsuits and pants.


It looks like he hates his brother, and the fact that it is baked a little bit is really cute.

anime girl

Blue hair is cute! – Anime Girl

Minori Inose “Is the Order a Rabbit? One of the main heroines appearing in.

Junior high school student born on December 4th. Height is quite small with 144cm. Blood type is AB type.

The granddaughter of the owner of the coffee shop “Rabbit House”, she goes out to the restaurant after school.

It features light blue long hair and beautiful blue eyes which make her decent Anime girl.

It has the special skill of being able to hit the brand of coffee only with the scent. But coffee cannot be drunk in black.

Light blue hair, beautiful blue eyes, petite figure, and the name “Chino” is cute!


The Angola rabbit tippy on her head is also fluffy and messy!

anime girl

Young lady with extraordinary

Rina Sato , one of the main characters of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and the main heroine of To Aru Majutsu no Index.

Tokiwadai Junior High School second grader. He is 161cm tall and weighs 45kg. Three sizes are B78, W56, H79 and a slim figure.

It is the 3rd place of only 7 super talents in the school city.

She has a personality that broke the bamboo with a sense of success.

“Power generation system” capable person, has the ability to stand at the top of the electric master (electromaster) in the school city.

Mikoto Misaka, who is demonstrating its charm as a tsundere heroine.

The light brown bob hair and the look of the crevice are “likely”.

The appearance that the face turns red when it gets shy is cute.

No 12. Ashiripa - Anime girl

anime girl

Superhuman Ainu daughter – Anime Girl

A character that appears in Haruka Shiraishi’s “Golden Kamui”. It seems to be a heroine role because it is the only female character that can be called.

A detailed profile is unknown, but the Ainu girl who looks like her mid-teens around the year.

Excellent at traditional Ainu survival knowledge and hunting skills.

She talks about herself as a “Ainu woman of a new era,” and has realistic and flexible thinking while respecting heritage.

Considering that it is much smaller than the main character Sugimoto, it seems to be a girl in the early teens, but anyway, she is knowledgeable and good at hunting and cooking, so that she can go to the bride anytime soon The

Perhaps the old people were so natural.

She is fun to see and enjoy the place where you will “receive” all the creatures.


The lower part (especially Uo) is also cute (laughs).

No 13. Umaru chan - Anime girl

anime girl

A pretty girl but a dried fish! – Anime Girl

Aimi Tanaka “Himoto! The main character of Umaru-chan.

Birthday is September 26, blood type AB. Height is usually 160cm, but transforms into a 40cm size in the house (?).

A high school student who goes to “Ayada High School”, a prestigious high school.

Mimetic fair the, performance is also excellent, sport is also universal, but seems to be whether the strongest high school girl …

had lazy purr when in fact fall within one step house, the snacks and cola under his arm, outrageous that spend the night game Not a lot of dried fish.

I can’t do housework at all, and my older brother who lives with me is angry everyday.


Of course, the usual beautiful girl version Umaru is cute, but Umaru, which is 40cm in the house, is even more cute!

No 14. Rize (Risa Tendai)

anime girl

Army girl – Anime Girl

Risa Taneda “Is the order a rabbit? One of the main heroines.

Her birthday is February 14, his height is 160cm and his blood type is A.

A second-year high school student working part-time at a coffee shop “Rabbit House”.

Black hair long hair to the waist, always twin tails.

Born as a military daughter, there is a sense of self-defense, and there is always a little noisy aspect that he always carries a model gun.


It’s a curious character and a little wonder, and she doesn’t seem to have many friends at school, but she’s so cute when she looks like a woman!

No 15. Kakamigahara Nadeshiko

anime girl

Loose and cute! – Anime Girl

One of the protagonists of Yukari Hanamomori “Yuru Can ”.

Her birthday is March 4th. Other profiles are unknown.

A character who loves to cook and eats and is always eating something.

In the past, it seemed that she was eating too much and was much heavier than it is now.

However, it seems that she succeeded brilliantly as a result of a severe diet that occurred during the summer vacation of the third year of junior high school.

Nadeshiko-chan is a trademark with long pink pink hair.

she’s cute enough to make you happy by looking at the purity of the camp’s charm and the cheerful face you see when you eat delicious food.


No 16. Itata

anime girl

Mechakawa middle two diseases – Anime Girl

Makoto Uchida  “I want to fall in love with Chuji! The main heroine.

Her Birthday is June 12, height 150cm & weight 47kg, three sizes B78, W53, H80 and small.

Blood type is A type.

Itata is an active girl who is a middle-disease patient with a lot of burr and herself is a “user of the evil king”.

Moreover, because of this setting, her right eye (the evil king true eye) always has an eyepatch, and put the power of putting a colored contact lens and making it a gold color.

Yurika Kotori, who seems to be the most cute among the characters in the middle two diseases, is ranked here!

In the side, Rokka, who is an Itata and a radio wave, but fighting with a folding umbrella is so cute! It’s also pretty foul to be beaten and say “Aoi”!

I already have the cuteness of accepting anything in the middle two diseases.

No 17. Takagi

anime girl

Too teasing

The heroine of Lii Takahashi ‘s “Mr.

She is only called “Mr. Takagi” in the work, and the name below is unknown.

Profile other than being a junior high school student is also unknown.

She is like a pure boy’s natural enemy who plays with classmate Nishikata-kun.

Although it seems to be a “decent girl” in the works, She is super cute.

The expression that looks like this (or Nishikata-kun) with a cheek cane is pretty cute.


Moreover, those who make fun are good without humming! I feel sorry for junior high school boys who are not immune to love (laughs).

No 18. Sakura Kinomoto

anime girl

Hey ~!

The main character of Sakura Tange’s “Cardcaptor Sakura”.

Born on April 1st, the beginning of the work was the fourth grade of elementary school. Blood type A.

She is good at baton twirling and roller blades, has a positive, bright and active character, and is a little awkward.

He was forced to become a magical girl called “Card Captor” by the book seal beast, Cerberus, because he had scattered the “Crow Card” found in his father’s library.

When I was surprised, “Hoe ~!” Is cute.

Magical girls are usually fixed costumes, but in the case of cherry blossoms, there is a basic costume, but the place where the costume changes depending on the card (magic) used is also good!


The reason why the fluffy and large ribbons look good is because the cherry blossoms are cute.

No 19. Nunally Lamperouge

anime girl

Super cute … but bracon

A character from Kaori Nazuka’s

“Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”.

The younger sister of the main character, Lelouch Lamperousi, and received all the love from Lelouch.

Loss of walking ability due to past attacks, and loss of vision from the shock of killing his mother in front of him.

Instead, hearing and touch are developed.

A girl with fluffy waved long hair and beautiful blue eyes.

Its cuteness is princess level! (That’s a princess …)


She’s cute because She ’s so cute!

No 20. Asuna (Asuna Yuki)

anime girl

Cute and strong!

The main heroine that appears in Haruka Tomatsu’s “Sword Art Online”.

Her name in the real world is Asuna Yuki.

She is talented and has a good family, and his usual Asuna is “How-Hou-Wan”.

The appearance of fighting while waving long hair is cute and cool!


Asuna is a popular character because it feels like an “orthodox heroine”.

No 21. Madoka Kaname

anime girl

Magical girl is so cute!

The main character that appears in Kaoru Kashiwagi, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Her birthday is October 3rd and my height is about 150cm.

Her pink hair has a twin tail and a red ribbon.

At first glance she looks like an adult and weak, but the core is strong. Communicate your opinion properly (even if you refrain).

Madoka feels quite miserable in the work, so she’s not a magical girl that sparkles and “cute!” … but still the character looks pretty cute.


I would like to see even a cute and cute anime if possible.

No 22. Kenkin Anime

anime girl

How to read Ayame Yomokawa

She is One of the heroines that appears in Makoto Uchida “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”.

She is 17 years old in the territory of the Shikatagawa family, who governs the Aragane station. Birthday is June 6.

Because of his gentle and gentle personality, there are parts where people can’t express their opinions clearly and are swept away.

When Kenkin Station was attacked by Kabane, she lost his father, and after that, she began to act as a leader who took care of a group.

Contrary to the look and feel of Yamato Ryoko, Tsuji also shows a cool face, such as confronting Kabane in case of emergency.


 she ’s so cute that you can see them blushing

No 23. Hozumi

anime girl

It’s a child but cute!

Main heroine that appears in Ayaka Senbongi’s Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

An innocent girl who visits Shinkin Station, where the main character, Ikoma, lives, rides on the iron castle.

She’s 12 years old born on October 20th.

her identity is neither human nor kabane, “Kabaneri”.

By unraveling the braid around the neck, She can demonstrate tremendous combat power.

The name “Unnamed” is the name given by “Older-sama”, and the real name seems to be Hozumi.

Although there is a cute place like 12 years old, there is also a dry side because it has been in battle since childhood.


Kappa hair looks good and cute.

No 24. Miyuki Shiba

anime girl

Strongest bracon sister

The main heroine of Saori Hayami “The Irregular at Magic High School”.

Sister of Tatsuya Shinami, the main character.

Her birthday is March. Height 160cm, weight 49kg.

She is a superman who has a perfect appearance, has the brains of being a chief at the time of enrollment at Magic High School, and is perfect for everyday manners.

In junior high school, there was a depiction that they were singing love letters every day.


She ’s “respecting” his brother, Tatsuya, and he ’s so serious that he can say “I ’m his brother”, but it ’s definitely cute.

No 25. Megmin

anime girl

Yuri Takahashi “Bless this wonderful world! The character that appears in.

A girl in the tribe full of middle two illnesses called the “Red Demon”. Of course, the person himself is also active.

She likes “outright” clothes: black eyes, red eyes, black cloak, black robes and pointed hats.

The eyepatch, an essential item for patients with middle-disease disease, is worn on the left eye, but of course has no meaning.

Although it is an excellent wizard, such as giving the top grades at the magic school, it has a past that has been abandoned by other parties in order to release the explosion magic immediately.

In addition, patients with middle two diseases are ranked. MEGUMIN isn’t cute in appearance (no, it looks cute!), But the character itself is cute!


Although it is a middle-disease patient, it’s a real wizard, and its iterative elements are a little thin.

No 26. Kobato Hasegawa

anime girl

St. Kronika Gakuen Junior High School, 14 years old

Her Birthday is October 18.

Sister of the main character, Hasegawa Kotaka, a fair-skinned, blonde-looking girl.

Only the right eye looks red because it has a red colored contact. In other words, patients with middle two diseases.

Because of the influence of being addicted to the anime “Kurogane no Necromancer”, he has set himself as a vampire. By the way, the true name seems to be “Rasis Vi Felicity”.

A character with 100% cuteness that looks like gothic fashion with blond eyes and red eyes.


Even though she is a little weak, she is cute and shameful by using difficult words to try to put them in parentheses.

No 27. Shikuma Science

anime girl

Science girls!

Misato Fukuen “I have few friends” characters.

Junior high school students, Kosei Hasegawa and first-year high school students.

Detailed profile is unknown.

He wears a lab coat on his uniform, wears glasses and has a ponytail.

By the way, the glasses are Date glasses, which is a typical “beautiful girl when you take off your glasses and lower the ponytail”.

He has genius knowledge about science, and has already technically cooperated with a company while being a high school student.

But in fact, it’s a pretty nerdy, rot girl and withdrawal.

It is a science that has a slightly strange tendency, but it looks cute normally.

No 28. Megumi Kato

anime girl

No way … not!

Kiyono Anno ‘s main heroine of “How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend”.

Her birthday is September 23rd. Height is 160cm and the three sizes are B84 / W57 / H83 and proportions.

This is a little elusive personality with no special mention.

Megumi is sober in terms of the title, but she has some cuteness like a main heroine.


A beautiful girl! Or beautiful! It’s not that, but it’s still cute.

No 29・ Alice Carteret

anime girl

British girl who loves Japan

Manami Tanaka character that appears in “Kiniro Mosaic”.

Her Birthday is April 5th, height 139cm, blood type A.

She seems like an elementary school student with a small tail that is unlikely to be a high school student, and a soft, golden hair with twin tails.

Because she is a British girl setting, it is a cute character, but I am also looking at the places where I change my face and expression.


I love Japanese culture, but it’s a little strange and understandable.

No 30. Kumiko

anime girl

Euphoric daughter

Tomoyo Kurosawa “Sound! The main character of Euphonium.

Her birthday is August 21st. Height 162cm, blood type A.

Kita Uji High School first grader, the instrument in charge of club activities is Euphonium.

Shee has been playing euphonium since his fourth year in elementary school.

A girl characterized by soft semi-long hair. One tied hairstyle to show up occasionally is also cute.

It’s a little natural (?) That tells you what you think, but you always want to cheer for the positive attitude.



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