Facts about Airplanes and the world of aviation

Facts about Airplanes and the world of aviation

Planetwide facts

Did you know the world’s largest passenger aircraft is currently the A380, produced by Airbus. It offers accommodation for 530 people divided into three classes.

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Did you know the A380 and the Bombardier C-series consume a maximum of three liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers of flight. 

Did you know the biggest cargo plane is the Antonov 225. At 84 meters long and 88 meters wide, it weighs no less than 280 tonnes (without the load!). 

Did you know the smallest jet in the world is the MD-5J Micro, with only 162 pounds and a wingspan with a maximum of 6 meters.

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Did you know the fastest aircraft is the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, with a flight capacity of 3,500 kilometers per hour

Did you know a Boeing 747, the world’s second-largest passenger aircraft, can carry 170,000 liters of fuel, equivalent to 170 tons.

Did you know the Boeing 767 sucks enough air to fill a large blimp in just 7 seconds.

Did you know the landing gear tires of the Boeing KC-135, a supply plane, have enough material to produce 100 car tires.


Did you know  the common speeds during takeoff and landing are between 240 and 320 kilometers per hour.

Did you know  the traces left in the air by the airplanes are nothing more than water vapor, with the detail that the fine traces indicate steady weather, while the thicker ones announce the arrival of a storm.

Did you know Study indicates that passengers sitting in the last queues of the plane, ie near the tail, are more likely to survive an accident than those seated at the tip.

Did you know If an emergency occurs, the pilot can dump the fuel through the wings. This frees the plane from being overweight. The interesting thing is that it does not rain fuel in the place that the aircraft was flying over. This is because it evaporates before reaching the ground.

Did you know if the aircraft has to make an emergency landing, it should be evacuated within 90 seconds. It is the time that the fire takes to spread throughout the apparatus.

Did you know most accidents (about 80%) occur during the three minutes after take-off and eight minutes before landing.

Did you know Turbulence does not just happen when the sky is overcast (during storms, for example). They can also occur in firm time.

Did you know that the main cause of injuries to passengers and crew are the turbulence. According to the FAA agency, the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States, 58 people are injured each year due to turbulence.


Did you know Who controls and makes adjustments for most of the flight is autopilot. Pilots only take control during takeoffs, landings and turbulence.

Did you know many airlines only pay their pilots during the flight. The time taken to land and wait at airports is usually not counted in the salary.

Did you know that the windows of the airport control towers are tilted to lessen the reflections both inside and outside the towers.

Did you know that all pilots and co-pilots in the world are required to speak fluent English, the international language of the aviation industry.

Did you know the pilots are real authorities inside the plane, who can command the aid to a passing passenger and even prescribe fines and give a prison sentence to someone.

Did you know  that the most passenger-carrying item, perhaps as a souvenir, during a trip is the lifejacket? This is not allowed, and if someone is caught, it can have serious problems. Because the aircraft make several flights a day, it would be ideal if there were never an item so essential to safety.

Did you know that cabin air comes from compressed air drawn from aircraft engines. Most of this air (between 25% and 50%) goes to the cockpit and the rest to the passenger compartment.

Did you know  Pilots never get equal meals, and for a reason that makes perfect sense: if one’s meal is spoiled, the other will not risk going bad.


Did you know  only the windshield of a Boeing 747-500 type is more expensive than a luxury car.

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