A man who eats wild tigers to boost manhood

A man who eats wild tigers to boost manhood

Its popularly known in some  cultures especially most in Asia countries with the believe that tiger penis soup likewise coughing of blood and sexual organs of the tigers  always use as a medicinal aphrodisiac, which can strengthen one’s sexual performance or virility, or even cure impotence. In Chinese country its a horrible and horrible crime that the Chinese criminal has admitted to.

But in the facts of research and science, consumption of cooked or uncooked animal genitalia does not increase testosterone levels in humans being. there is no any empirical evidence of tiger penis being accord with sexual enhancement in humans. This has been stated that men may be fooled into thinking their sexual performance is improved by consuming tiger penis soup due to some placebo effects, in which the placebo effects may act to counteract mild impotence, rather than eating the soup. And also there has been many opposition agaist the dish from environmental organizations, because continual consumption of the soup has contributed to the reduction of tiger populations. The legality of the tiger penis dish varies in different countries, as tigers are a protected species .

However, this is not the case of this Chinese smuggler who hunted down a small animal with a gang member who was abusing them was sentenced to 13 years in prison. The Chinese hunter along with his accomplices hunted 10 rare tigers and trafficked 15 other rare animals. 

He personally used the blood and the genital organs of the tigers and then gave the flesh and bones of the tigers to his parents and his accomplices, and thus killed at least three tigers.


In China, tiger meat is sold at a very high price in the black market and is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is believed to be in China that eating the genitalia and blood of the tiger boosts fantastic sexuality. and also tiger penis soup which is an Asian soup prepared with tiger penis. A very expensive dish, because of the rarity of tiger penis. 

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