Did you know facts about jelly fish?

Did you know facts about jelly fish?

Planetwide facts

1. Did you know Jellyfish are animals of the phylum Cnidaria (which in Greek means “nettle”), divided into three classes: Scyphozoa, Hydrozoa and Cubozoa. They are exclusively aquatic, living in their immense majority in the oceans.

2. Did you know Jellyfish are believed to be some of the oldest animals on the planet. They already existed 650 million years ago, long before the dinosaurs came.

3. Did you know more than 2,000 species of jellyfish / jellyfish have been described. But biologists suspect the amount is much higher: 300,000.

4. Did you know most species are found in shallow coastal waters. They also prefer warm water. Some, however, were found about 9,000 feet deep.

5. Did you know Jellyfish vary greatly in size. While some are tiny as a human nail, others are gigantic. The lion-jellyfish, for example, has tentacles of about 30 meters in length.

6. Did you know A serious candidate for the world’s smallest jellyfish is the Australian Irukandji, found in Oceania. She is as small as a nail.

7. Did you know the “Portuguese caravel”, or just “caravela”, is very common on the coast of Brazil. She, however, is not a jellyfish. Nor is it a single animal. It is a colony of organisms that work together. Detail: it is not anything like the jellyfish, it just floats to the taste of the tides.

8. Depending on the species, Did you know jellyfish live from a few hours to months. It has been reported, however, the case of a species that lived up to 30 years 

9. Did you know almost all species are carnivorous. They feed on plankton, fish eggs, crustaceans, small fish and other jellyfish.

10.        In addition to the gelatinous-looking body, Did you know the main characteristic of jellyfish are tentacles with stinging cells.

11.   Did you know Jellyfish are invertebrates, that is, they have no bones. The detail is that most of their bodies (95%) is made up of water.

12. Did you know  they have no brain, heart, head, ears, legs, or bones. So thin, their skins allow them to breathe through them.

13. Did you know Jellyfish may not have a brain, but they have a nervous system to detect light, vibrations around them, and chemicals in water.

14.Did you know Even if cut off from the body of the jellyfish, the tentacles can cause discomfort when they touch a person.

15. Did you know there is a popular belief that urine is effective against jagged “hookers,” but it is refuted by medicine. Vinegar is not recommended either. Many doctors advise to wash the place with warm salt water and immediately seek the nearest emergency service.

16. Did you know a very curious trick against the nuisance of the “hooked” is, the doctors advise, to scrape the affected area of the skin with a credit card.

17. Did you know about 70 species are harmful to humans. It is believed that the most poisonous is the sea wasp, a creature with a maximum length of 20 centimeters. The slightest touch on this animal causes such unbearable pain that people can drown.

18. Contrary to popular belief, Did you know most jellyfish are not harmful to humans. Some species are even edible, even served as appetizers. Detail: they are most consumed in East Asian countries.


19. Did you know jellyfish was recently responsible for the temporary closure of a nuclear power plant in Japan. It was simply stuck in a plant cooling duct. This type of animal is called the jellyfish of Nomura.

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