Did you know Facts about Pregnancy?

Did you know facts about Pregnancy?

Planetwide facts

1. Did you know the longest pregnancy in the world lasted 375 days, more than a year. At the same time, the baby was born with normal data.

2. Did you know the breasts increase in size and the nipples can become darker;

3. Did you know the dilation of the uterus compresses the bladder, making you urinate at any moment;

4. Did you know the volume of blood grows 50%, increasing the heart rate.

5. Did you know in a womb, a child can cry, laugh and even dance. So, listen to good music so that the child can dance to good music 🙂

6. Did you know the concept of pregnancy through chlorine gonadotropin called hormone was known to people since 1927. But then there was no gear for studying us. That is why urine was injected into a rat rat or rabbit and killed in a few days. And whether it was pregnant or not, whether it was the animal’s condition.

7. Did you know the first contraceptive discovered still in ancient Egypt. 200 years. It is known that the composition of the crocodile was part of it, but to what extent it was effective, historians are not eligible.

8. Did you know the water around the embryo contains as much salt as the ocean’s water.

9.Did you know every third child on planet Earth is cesarean section.

10. Did you know only 1/4 of the couples who actively want to get pregnant are able to get pregnant during the first woman’s cycle. The remaining 75% of couples have a couple of months to two years. So if you want to have a baby, you need to be patient.

11. Did you know during pregnancy, the metabolism of the woman slows down, and at the same time the woman should eat more than 300 kcal to satisfy her and her baby.

12. Did you know in 10% of all pregnancies, the woman is abusive. Fortunately, most of the time, she does not even know that she is pregnant.

13. Did you know until the end of pregnancy, the size of the uterus increases 20 times.

14. Did you know during pregnancy, the woman’s heart and liver increase, and herbal smell is elevated 11 times. So nature tries to keep a woman free of food which can be dangerous for the embryo.

15. Did you know in the first days of pregnancy, the number of zygote cells (the initial stage of the fetus) doubles every 20 hours.

16. Did you know the heart of the embryo begins to beat when it is 4 millimeters (the size of a bean). With one centimeter, it is already possible to identify heart, brain, legs and arms.

17. Did you know the individuality of the embryo is defined from 3 to week when the zygote cells stop dividing.

18. Did you know at the end of pregnancy, the aminiotic liquid increases almost 1 liter and the placenta even weighs 600 grams.

19. Did you know contrary to what we see in movies and novels, the stock market only breaks in 15% of cases.

20. Did you know only 5% of babies are born on schedule.

21. Did you know the baby alternates periods of vigilance and sleep, but in total, sleeps about 16 hours a day.

22. Did you know did you know that cases of men with psychological pregnancies have already been recorded?

23. Did you know a Russian woman had 69 children between 1 725 and 1765. There were 27 births: 16 of twins, 7 of triplets and 4 of quadruplets.

24. Did you know the shortest pregnancy in the animal kingdom is that of the shrew, which lasts for 18 days. The longest is the elephant, whose duration is 24 months.

25. Did you know the gestation of the whale is not as long as that of the elephant. It lasts “only” 11 months, but the baby is certainly bigger. The blue whale’s cub (the largest animal on Earth) is born with almost a ton.

26. Did you know did you know it’s the seahorse males that get pregnant? 

27. Did you know in the majority of future moms, the size of the foot changes. It is not only thick but also prolonged due to weight and swelling. So, the need for new shoes of 1-2 sizes will definitely be felt.


28.  Did you know every 3 seconds a child is born on Earth.

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