Did you know facts about foods?

Did you know facts about foods

Planetwide Facts

Did you know facts about foods - planetwide facts

1.  Did you know that the world’s most consumed milk is not the cow’s milk?

2.  Did you knowThe type of milk most consumed in the world is not the cow’s milk, but the goat’s milk.

3.  Did you knowIn ancient Egypt, bread and beer served to pay wages. One day’s work was worth three loaves and two large pots of beer.

4.  Did you know french bread is not at all popular in France. The French’s favorite bread is the baguette. In fact, our French muffin is called pistolle (pistolle).

5.  Did you know there are numerous versions for the origin of the hamburger, but it is believed that it was taken to the United States (where it was popularized) by German immigrants living near the city of Hamburg.

6.  Did you know that corn was unknown to the rest of the world until the discovery of America in 1492?

7.  Did you know if all the hot dogs consumed by Americans in a year were lined up, a “bridge” could be made that would give the Earth twice as far as the Moon.

8.  Did you know buffalo milk is whiter and more nutritious than cow’s milk. The real Italian muzzarela is made with this type of milk.

9.  Did you know The world’s largest pizza order took place in San Diego, United States in 2006.

10. Did you know The distance record of delivering a pizza delivery was made by Domino’s pizzeria in London.

11. Did you know The birthday cake got its origins in the cult of the goddess Artemis. The ancient Greeks revered the goddess by offering cakes in the Temple of Ephesus, the ancient Greek colony where today is Turkey.

12. Did you know The tradition of the chocolate egg was only possible thanks to the discovery of America, when the Europeans knew the chocolate.

13. Did you know The word macaroni (macaronis) came from the verb maccari, from an ancient dialect of Sicily, and means “flatten”.

14. Did you know The origin of spaghetti is older than imagined. It would have appeared in China about four thousand years ago and arrived in Europe through the Arabs.

15. Did you know The world’s largest consumer of instant noodles is China, which consumes 44.2 billion servings a year.

16. Did you know the second largest consumer of instant noodles is not Japan, but Indonesia. Japan is third place.

17. Did you know that there is a museum dedicated to Cup Noodles in Japan?

18. Did you know there are over 400 species of olive trees, but the only one that produces the fruits and oils we consume is the Olea Europaea species .

19. Did you know an olive tree is capable of living more than a thousand years.

20. Did you know  that to extract one liter of olive oil, 5 to 6 kilos of olive oil is needed?

21. Did you know the olive is a fruit, or drupa (a type of fleshy fruit with a core in the center).

22. Did you know that rice and wheat are grasses of the family of grasses (grasses, grasses)?

23. Did you know rice is the third most cultivated food in the world, behind only wheat and corn.

24. Did you know there are over 140,000 varieties of rice.

25.Did you know the potato originated in Peru and was unknown to Europeans until the discovery of America.

26. Did you know there are more than 200 varieties of potatoes in Andean America. All over the world, there are about 3,000 types. It has been cultivated for over 7 thousand years.

27. Did you know there are more than 400 types of sweet potatoes. But look, sweet potato belongs to the family Convulvolaceae, while the potatoes are from the Solanaceae family, which means … sweet potato is not a potato!

28. Did you know the rice-playing habit of the bride and groom was imported from China.

29. Did you know some experts have counted about 12,000 varieties of wheat, but others go further. According to them, there are 30 thousand varieties.

30. Did you know tares are a family plant of the same family Poaceae and are also called “false wheat”. If harvested and processed with wheat, it can compromise the quality of the product.

31. Did you know maize is a word of Caribbean Indian origin whose meaning is “sustenance of life.”

32. Did you know the hair or beard of the corn serves to carry the pollen grains that will fertilize the ova of the spike. In short: corn uses hair to breed.

33. Did you know there are over 3,000 products made from corn. Note: salty snacks, oil, margarine, flaked cereals, ice cream, juice, flour, whiskey …

34. Did you know Corn whiskey? Yes, Bourbon whiskey contains 50 to 80% corn. Most Bourbon whiskey distilleries are in the US state of Kentucky.

35. Did you know soy is, besides corn, one of the most “versatile” grains. It can be consumed in the form of milk, condensed milk, margarine, salads, oils, cheeses, flours, sauces, breads, meats.

36. Did you know soybean oil is the most used by the world population in the preparation of food.

37. Did you know that soybeans were created by the North American followers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

38. Did you know green beans, string beans and clams are practically the same type of beans.

39. Did you know the Japanese make sweets from a variety of beans called azuki.

40. Did you know that there is also a soft drink produced in Japan from azuki?

41. Did you know of Italian origin, ricotta is not properly a cheese, but a kind of cheese derived from whey. To get the ricotta, just boil the whey so that the solid part comes to the surface.

42. Did you know typical of the Northeast, rennet is made by the addition of rennet or other coagulant enzymes to milk.

43. Did you know part of the Mexicans eat cooked gnocchi. They are eaten with salt, lemon and pepper, or tortilla.

44. Did you know originating in Africa, the marula is also called the elephant fruit. Taste similar to caramel, the marula is exported to the whole world in the form of liquor.

45. Did you know as for avocado, it comes from the American continent. The Aztecs already cultivated the fruit before the discovery of America. By the way, the name avocado came from ahuacatl (which means testicle – analogy with its form). 

46. Did you know cashew is not a fruit, but a pseudofruit. The fruit of the cashew is the chestnut.

47. Did you know currant is a natural fruit from Europe, also called cassis. From it, are produced syrups, liqueurs and a cream very used in desserts.

48. Did you know that tomato is a fruit? Yes, few people know, but the truth is that, besides being fruit, the tomato is native to America. He was unknown to Europeans before Columbus arrived.

49. Called Austria-apple-of-paradise and Italy-apple-of-love, Did you know the tomato has long been used as an ingredient of the elixir of love.

50. Did you know if someone eats too much carrot their skin gets darker because the carotene messes with the pigmentation. 

51. Did you know cabbage was the staple food of the workers hired to build the wall of China.

52. Did you know watercress has expanded so much in New Zealand that it is considered a national pest.

53. Did you know the hanging gardens of Babylon contained eggplants, onions, cucumbers and fruit trees..

54. Did you know cabbage is used in the fight against bronchitis, asthma, rheumatism and arthritis. It is also excellent laxative and remedy for the physique.

55.Did you know  potatoes have long been despised by Europeans. They were taken to Europe by the Spanish settlers.

56. Did you know the sixteenth-century Chinese (Ching dynasty era) used pepper tea in removal surgeries of the male genital organ.

57.Did you know burning of pepper can be eliminate by eating something frosty, greasy and sweet like a milk dessert (milk pudding, ice cream, yogurt with fruit …) that the burning will pass. Or at least it will decrease.

58. Did you know that chocolate is made from the seed, not from the fruit of the cacao tree?

59. Did you know the word chocolate comes from xocoatl (from the Aztec xococ “bitter” + atl “water”). The Mayans and the Aztecs consumed the chocolate in the form of a drink mixed with water and pepper.

60.Did you know that dogs can not eat chocolate? Well, chocolate has a substance called theobromine, which causes allergic crises, increased blood pressure, arrhythmia, tachycardia and even convulsions in Dog

61.Did you know chocolate contains a substance, called phenylethynamine, which is able to decrease tiredness and increase sexual desire.

62. Did you know the first ice cream shop in the world appeared in Paris in 1660.

63. Did you know who opened the first Parisian ice cream parlor was an Italian named Procopio Coltelli.

64. Did you know one question: if the refrigerator was invented recently, how was ice used in ice cream conserved? With ice bars mixed with sawdust and stored in underground tunnels. The ice kept for five months.

65. Did you know that vanilla is extracted from an orchid of the genus vanila? And that is why she is known only as vanila in some countries?

66. Did you know one of the most popular flowers in the Middle Ages was marigold. Grown in vegetable gardens, it was used as broth, butter, cheese and cake dyes.

67. Did you know speaking of edible flowers, check out some species that fall well on the plate (and in the stomach): sweethearts, begonias, roses, jasmins, lavenders, petunias, cloves and dandelions.

68 .    Did you know in relation to roses, they are used in ice cream, jellies, liqueurs and sweets. They also serve as flavoring in salads in wines.

69. Did you know  there are more than 500 varieties of avocado.


Planetwide Facts - Did you know facts about foods

70. Did you know was refrigerant was invented in England in the 17th century.

71. Did you know the first soft drink industry, however, only appeared in the United States one hundred years later – around 1870.

72. Did you know  pharmacist John Styth Pemberton spent only $ 74 to create the Coca-Cola formula in 1886. Coca-Cola suffered a loss in its first year of operation, when only nine cups per day of soda were sold.

73. Did you know Coca-Cola only began to be sold in aluminum cans in 1955, almost 70 years after its creation.

74. Did you know after the United States, the first countries to market Coca-Cola were Canada, Mexico and Cuba. Years later, the soda was banned by Fidel Castro’s Cuban regime.

75. Did you know coca-Cola is sold in more than 200 countries, being the sales leader in most of them.

76. Did you know every 10 seconds, 126,000 people take some Coca-Cola product.

77. Did you know 1.4 billion Coca-Cola cups are consumed every day worldwide. And to think it was only nine at the beginning.

78. Did you know how many bottles are sold per day? Believe me, there are 900 million bottles sold daily.

79. Did you know Fanta was created in Germany at the time of World War II. It came to replace Coca-Cola, whose ingredients were missing.

80. Did you know there are around the world the most varied flavors of Fanta: melon (marketed in Israel), strawberry (United States), cassis (New Zealand), orange with chocolate (Australia), yogurt (Japanese Fanta Moo Moo White) and milk (Hong Kong).

81. Did you know Pepsi was established in the United States in 1898 by Caleb Bradham. It began to be sold as digestive and stimulating.

82. Did you know Pepsi sold a single product for 65 years: Pepsi’s own refrigerant. Only later were Pepsi Light, Pepsi Twist …

83. Did you know the Pepsi logo was for 50 years similar to that of Coca-Cola.

84. Did you know Pepsi was one of the best-selling sodas in the former Soviet Union. In fact, Pepsi was one of the few North American companies present in the former communist country.

85. Did you know the multinational company Pepsico owns the brands Pepsi, Quaker, Toddy, Coconut, Gatorade, Lipton, Elma Chips, Kero Coco and Mabel (biscuit maker).

86. Did you know Antarctica brand guarana refrigerant has existed since 1921.

87. Did you know the guarana raw material Antarctica – that is, the guaraná fruit itself – has always been produced in the Maués region of the state of Amazonas.

88. Did you know the Guaraná Antarctica brand began to internationalize in the late 1980s, when it was sold to the United States, Portugal, Japan and China. Today, it is present in more than 20 countries.

89. Did you know the Tain-fruti soft drink of tubaína type was born in the city of Jundiaí. Today, there are numerous brands of tubaine in the market.

90. Did you know and the Inca Kola, have you heard? Inca Kola is a cola-type soft drink sold in the Andean countries.

91. Did you know in the Middle East and in several countries of Islamic population, the fashion is to drink the Mecca Cola.

92. Did you know Vanilla flavored soft drinks (also called vanilla) are popular in countries like the United States. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi sell products with this ingredient.

93. Did you know it sold in the United States, Canna Cola is a soda flavor cola that carries marijuana in the ingredients.

94. Did you know another bizarre soda is Pepsi Cucumber, a drink launched in Japan with the taste of cucumber.

95.   Did you know Eel Soda is an oriental flavored (blaaargh !!) seafood soda.

96. Did you know about a soda flavored salad water? Well, the Water Salad Coke (manufacturer: Coca-Cola) is a Japanese drink with the taste of that eagle that always remains at the bottom of the salad bowl.


97.   Did you know Gau Jal, a drink sold in India in the strange and bizarre taste of cow urine – an animal considered sacred by the Hindus.

98. Did you know still on Coca cola, John Pemberton without exposing the success of the beverage he had created died in 1888

99. Did you know  men who served Coca-Cola at soda fountains were called Soda Jerks they give them this name because of ther jerking action they made when preparing a glass of the fizzy drink.


100. Did you know the character Sprite Boy was introduced in 1942


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