Did you know Facts about Adolf Hitler?

Did you know facts about Adolf Hitler

Planetwide facts

1.       Did you know Adolf Hitler as born in 1889, and died in 1945.

2.       Did you know Hitler was not German – He was born in a Braunau Am Inn called, Austria.

3.       Did you know Adolf Hitler died ten days after his birthday in 1945,.

4.       Did you know He was a methamphetamine addict.

5.       Did you know He loved animals (hence the vegetarianism).

6.       Did you know He may have Jewish origins – There is a great suspicion that his paternal grandfather was Jewish.

7.       Did you know He received singing lessons as a child, and though he never did it professionally, it was said that he could carry a tune pretty well.

8.       At the beginning of the 20th century, Did you know Adolf Hitler worked as a painter painting famous landmarks in Vienna, Austria on postcards.

9.       Did you know before Hitler become a soldier in WW1, Adolf Hotler was homeless at one time,

10.   Did you know He loved children.

11.   Allegedly, Did you know his favorite movie was King Kong (1933).

12.   Did you know He earned 3 awards in his life (In WW1: Iron Cross 1st Class, Iron Cross 2nd Class, and the Wound Badge).

13.   Did you know Adolf Hitler also won Time Magazine’s ‘Man of the Year’ award in 1938.

14.   Did you know He fell in love with a Jewish girl – According to reports from a young friend, Hitler would have fallen in love with a Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak. He even confided in wanting to kidnap the girl and commit suicide by jumping off a bridge with her.

15.   Did you know He had suffered from flatulence since childhood . Hitler had a delicate stomach. In addition, he suffered from constant flatulence.

16.   Did you know He has worked as a sandwich man

17.   Did you know He was nominated for the Nobel Prize by A Swedish deputy named EGC Brandt even suggested Adolf Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize, an indication that was received with controversy. He did not get enough votes to receive the award.

18.   Did you know Adolf Hitler was a fan of Mickey Mouse

19.   Did you know Hitler was elected Man of the Year in 1938 by the respected American magazine Time. It was the cover of Time magazine

20.   Did you know He fought in World War I At 27, he fought for the German army during World War I (he was Army corporal). He left the conflict after being hospitalized because of a chemical weapons attack. He was even honored for his bravery in combat.

21.   Did you know Hitler liked the French capital so much that he ordered his soldiers to avoid bombing it during the Nazi occupation. He had a deep admiration for Paris 

22.   Did you know He did not write Mein Kampf – In fact, he dictated the book (My Fight, in Portuguese) to his cellmate during the time he was arrested for treason. For who do not know, this colleague was called Rudolf Hess.

23.   Did you know He was influenced by a Catholic monk

24.   Did you know He has suffered several assassination attempts

25.   Did you know Hitler spent the last few days hiding

26.   Did you know He had a nephew who fought the Nazi troops – Resident in the United States, such nephew enlisted in the Army and fought alongside the allies against the bastard uncle.

27.   Did you know Hitler still has living relatives – The last remnants of the Hitler family currently live in the United States. But it is known that they made a pact to not have children and to end their own lineage.

28.   Did you know Adolf Hitler Facts is that he Invented the Blow-Up Sex Doll

29.   Did you know He wanted his soldiers to be able to have their needs met without getting involved with foreign women. then he ordered plastic bodied femmes with blonde hair, white skin, large breasts and lips, and their “stuff” would “feel absolutely real to be created for them.

30.   Did you know He just didn’t want to kill poor, innocent, defenseless, animals.  No one knows the reasons for this.






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