Did you know facts about Abraham Lincoln?

Did you know facts about Abraham Lincoln?

Planetwide facts

Did you know facts about Abraham Lincoln - planetwide facts

1.        Did you know He was President No. 16 

2.   Did you know  Lincoln had only 18 months of formal education.

3.  Did you know he was raised in a war era where education was a rare thing to be gotten by everybody. However, his hobby of reading books helped him to educate himself.

4.  Did you know Lincoln became a lawyer and later became President of the United States. This is one of the facts about Abraham Lincoln which proves that he was actually an extraordinary person.

5.  Did you know In December 1839, Lincoln met Mary Todd in Springfield, and a year later they engaged.

6. Did you know  he practically did not follow a formal education during his childhood. He went very little to school, but he loved reading and reading.

7. Did you know  he did not go to the University to study law and studied on his own.

8.  Did you know Lincoln in his children had always avoided to kill fish or hunting. He hated it and it made him be ridiculed by his family and his friends as a “sissy”.

9. Did you know  the physical appearance of Abraham Lincoln was very peculiar since he was very thin and tall. It measured 1.95 m. But what actually had longer than normal was the legs, since his torso had a common measure. 

10. Did you know    Abraham Lincoln and his wife actually had 4 sons, but in the fact, only one of them who would survive past age 18.

11.   Did you know   the only one son of Abraham Lincoln who passed age 18, Robert Lincoln had ever saved from an accident by someone who called Edwin Booth. Tragically, later, the man who did assassinate Abraham Lincoln was known as Edwin’s brother.

12.  Did you know   Lincoln’s hat is also an iconic piece of the president. Another of the facts of Abraham Lincoln is that he kept important documents inside him.

13. Did you know     he had a nickname: “Honest Abe” (the honest Abe) since he once claimed that he was incapable of lying. a lawyer with a great reputation because of that honesty he showed. 

14. Did you know    it was President Lincoln who established that Thanksgiving was a national holiday.

15.  Did you know   Abraham Lincoln was not a success businessman. He had ever bought a store when he was 23 years old and later he was unsuccessful with his store. He loaned the store later for $1000.

16.  Did you know   Lincoln need 17 years for paid back his $1000 loan.

17.   Did you know   Abraham Lincoln was twice failed for the Senate’s seat.

18.   Did you know   Lincoln was actually a disorganized person. He often misplaced something in his life. Therefore, even tough he was a successful lawyer; he carried his important papers in his stovepipes hat to avoid him to forget about his important papers.

19.   Did you know   he won the president seat by only got 2 countries for the ballot from the 996 countries.

20.    Did you know   he was assassinated  on April 14, 1865 at the Ford Theater in Washington by John Wilkes Booth.

21.  Did you know Lincoln was known to have a strong sense of humor. 

22.   Did you know before Lincoln became a politician he was a wrestler. He only lost once in his 300 or more contests and earned a reputation in New Salem, Illinois as an elite grappler with unmatched strength. 

23.   Did you know Tom Hanks and George Clooney are relatives of Abraham Lincoln.

24.   Did you know Lincoln loved cats and played with them for hours. When asked if her husband had a hobby, Mary Todd Lincoln once responded with a single word: “cats”.

25.  Did you know Lincoln was a lawyer before becoming president.

26.   Did you know Lincoln is the only US president to file a patent. The patent – for a wood flotation system for river boats caught in sandbars – was registered by Lincoln in 1849, although it was never manufactured.

27.   Did you know Lincoln’s grandfather, also called Abraham Lincoln, was a military captain in the American Revolutionary War. He was shot and killed in 1786 by a Native American who challenged the territory in Kentucky in which Lincoln lived at the time.

28.   Did you know His father married a second time with Sarah Bush Johnston. Lincoln felt very close to this woman whom he called “mother” and who supported him in his eagerness to self-educate himself.

29. Did you know Abraham Lincoln had no middle name.

30. Did you know was the first of the 4 US Presidents killed.



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