Mystery facts about Bermuda triangle

Did you know facts about Bermuda Triangle?

1.   Did you know; The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary area on the Atlantic coast of the United States. 

2.   Did you know It received this name because the area of incidence of disappearances of airplanes and ships forms a triangle with the points in Miami, Bermuda and San Juan (Puerto Rico).

3.   Did you know; The region’s bad reputation is not recent, but has grown substantially since 1945 when five US Navy bombers disappeared without a trace.

4.   Did you know The term “Bermuda Triangle” first appeared in 1964 in an article in Argosy magazine entitled “The Lethal Triangle of Bermuda.” 

5.   Did you know with the rise of popular interest, scientists began to investigate the area. Most have come up with no concrete evidence that anything abnormal is going on there. 

6.   Did you know Planes and ships disappear into the world’s oceans all the time, they said. The reasons are diverse: human errors, defects in equipment and environmental interferences such as hurricanes.

7.   Did you know For many believers, the Triangle area has a supernatural energy charge. That alone would explain the disappearance of so many devices –

8.   Did you know theories have also been launched on magnetic fields, waste from Atlantis and antigravity weapons invented by world superpowers.

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9.   In the opinion of some ufologists, Did you know these mysterious disappearances are related to an out-of-normal incidence of “UFO” phenomena in the area. This hypothesis is explored by the North American filmmaker Steven Spielberg in the film Contact Immediate of the Third Degree, of 1977. Incidentally …

10.  Did you know One of the most accepted hypotheses – including a large number of scientists, is that the phenomenon is related to the existence of methane stored as a gaseous hydrate in the ocean floor. however, the movement of the tectonic plates would transform that methane into gas, which would rise to the surface in the form of bubbles and reduce the density of the water, causing the sinkings. Some of this gas would be released into the atmosphere, affecting the engines of the aircraft, causing them to fall.

11.  Did you know one of the earliest accounts of these strange events came from none other than Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America. In his logbook, he described phenomena such as strange lights coming off the ocean and malfunctioning of his compass in that region.

12.  Did you know Bermuda was named in honor of the Spanish navigator Juan de Bermudez, whose ship sank in the area. It was one of the first recorded wrecks there, which had Bermudez himself as one of the survivors.

13.  Did you know One of the most famous cases of disappearance occurred in 1951, when a North American freighter disappeared leaving virtually no trace.  

14.  Did you know The best explanation for the Bermuda Triangle is natural: the region is often ravaged by major storms. Some of the biggest hurricanes in history have passed by.

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15.  Did you know that thousands of boats and planes travel through the Bermuda Triangle every year without anything happening to them. Almost 50% of the boats registered in the United States pass intact there. According to the United States Coast Guard, the proportion of accidents is the same as any ocean in the world. The difference is that the Bermuda Triangle has become legend.

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