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Did you know that Varginha is located south of Minas Gerais, which is located near Lake Furnas, with a population of 119,000. Varginha has a large income from agriculture, especially coffee production

ufo in brazil 1996

The “Varginha Incident”  on January 20, 1996, Brazil was aware of the alleged case of an extraterrestrial being who had been spotted by students Kátia Andrade Xavier, 22 at the time, Liliane Fátima Silva, 16, and Valquíria Aparecida, 14, in the city of Varginha, Minas Gerais, Shocked, they screamed and ran. The Varginha Incident? or “ET of Varginha”,

The girls claimed to have seen a creature with brown, viscous skin, large red eyes and three horn-like bumps on the head. Other witnesses at the time also said they had seen a UFO. 


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What attracted the attention of the population, authorities and ufologists is that at no time did they contradict each other in their descriptions of the encounter and the supposed creature. Coincidentally, the police had received calls from locals on the morning of the same day stating that strange animals were prowling around the area. Added to this are reports of UFO sightings.

Military police and local fire department were fired to chase and capture what would be two ETs. One of the creatures would have been captured with a hammock and the other held in the arm by a police officer of the Military Police of Minas Gerais. The policeman die three weeks later under mysterious conditions. According to the police, he was not even on duty that day.

ccording to Rodrigues’ book, shortly after the arrest, the police officer underwent surgery with a military doctor to remove a small abscess. Then he would have had a fever and complained of pains in various parts of the body.

The soldier went through two hospitals and, after being hospitalized for a few days at the Intensive Care Center (CTI) of Bom Pastor Hospital, did not resist and died of a generalized infectious process (sepsis), but it is unknown what would have caused this situation.

According to the ufologists, the creature captured by the policeman had died that same night. The corpse would have been sent to Unicamp, where it underwent an autopsy by the then coroner Fortunato Badan Palhares. The coroner has always denied the information.

According to the Ufologists, the autopsy had revealed a red-eyed, iris-free being, three fingers in the hands, no sexual organs, no nipples and navel, and with purple veins jutting at the level of the neck. She would also have brown, viscous skin.

The case attracted the attention of the Brazilian and foreign press. It has also become one of the most studied by ufologists worldwide. Books, documentaries and TV reports on the case appeared in the mountains in the following years. Faced with such repercussions, the witnesses were dissuaded to deny the story, which did not happen.

A police report on the case said the girls confused a neighbor with mental problems – a man known as Mudinho – with the alleged creature. In fact, the man was always seen in the same position that the girls said was supposed to be.

Wrong or not, the history of Varginha ET has brought world fame to the city. Bus stops and a water box in formed flying saucer were built. The ET even won statues, catching the attention of crazy tourists for a selfie. He also became a mascot of the city.

The ET image is also explored in public utility campaigns, traffic safety manuals, and tour guides. A curiosity: it was named Gray.

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