Amazing Facts About Planets

Amazing facts about planets you should know today. over 200 planets facts for kids and Adult.   Here are Top interesting planets facts you should know about planets.

Mercury Facts for Kids and Adults

1. Did you know Mercury is the planet closest to the sun.

2. Did you know mercuty has a diameter of 3,031 miles, approximately two-fifths of the diameter of the Earth.

3. Did you know The sun’s rays are about seven times stronger on Mercury than on Earth.

4. Did you know Mercury received this name in reference to the Roman messenger god, known among the Greeks as Hermes. Reason: the rapid movement of the planet around the Sun.

5. Did you know Mercury does not have moons

6. Did you know Mercury is a rocky planet with a core made up basically richest of iron.

7.  Did you know mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System and the closest to the Sun.

8.  Did you know Mercury gravity is about 38% of Earth’s gravity. That means a 70-pound person weigh on Earth would weigh only 25.9 pounds on Mercury.

9.  Did you know Mercury has almost no atmosphere. However, it has small traces of an atmosphere consisting of minimal amounts of hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, potassium and argon.

10. Did you know the Mercury sky is black and the stars can probably be seen during the day this is Due to the lack of atmosphere,

11. Did you know It takes less than 88 Earth days for Mercury to orbit around the sun.

12. Did you know Due to the lack of an atmosphere, the temperature rises above 800 ° F, while on the dark side it drops rapidly to -300 ° F.

13. Did you know The surface of Mercury is heavily filled with craters, looking very much like our moon.

14.Did you know The sun appears two and a half times larger in the sky of Mercury compared to that of Earth.

15. Did you know Mercury turns slowly on its axis. He completes one rotation every 59 Earth days.

16.Did you know As a result of the planet’s slow rotation on its axis and the rapid movement around the sun, one day on Mercury-that is, the interval between one sunrise and the next-lasts about 180 Earth days.

17. Did you know The sun’s rays are about seven times stronger on Mercury than on Earth.

18. Did you know During the day, the temperature in Mercury can reach inconceivable 430º Celsius, while at night it can plummet to -180º Celsius. This is because the surface of the planet does not retain heat.

19. Did you know The surface of the neighboring Venus is warmer than that of Mercury, although it is closer to the Sun. On the Venusian side, temperatures can reach an incredible 500 ° Celsius.

20. Did you know There are regions at poles that have never received sunlight. That’s why the scientists did not look surprised when they discovered water frozen in craters in the north pole of Mercury.

21. Did you know While the Earth travels 108,000 kilometers per hour in its orbit around the Sun, Mercury travels 180,000 kilometers. A year there lasts only 88 Earth days.

22. Did you know Mercury lasts 58 Earth days and 15 hours (that is, one day there lasts almost 2 months here).


Fun facts about venus for kids and Adults

warmest planet cloudy planet

23. Did you know planet Venus one of the brightest bodies in the night sky?

24. Did you know that he is terribly hot? .Did you also know that you can “garoar” sulfuric acid over there?

25. Did you know Venus received this name in reference to the Greek goddess of love and beauty, whose Roman equivalent was Aphrodite.

26. Did you know Venus is the third brightest object in the sky after the sun and the moon. This is why it reflects 2/3 of the light it receives from the sun.

27. Did you know Mercury and Venus are the only planets in the solar system that do not have moons.

28. Which planet is hotter Venus or mercury? Did you know The surface of Venus is hotter than that of Mercury, although it is closer to the Sun. On the illuminated side, temperatures can reach as high as 500 ° Celsius.

29. Did you know The days are longer than the year on the planet Venus. While the year lasts 225, the day will last 243 Earth.

30. Did you know While on Earth the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, on Venus the opposite occurs: it rises in the west and sets in the east.

31. Did you know a 70-pound person would weigh just 26 pounds on Venus.

32.  Did you know The sky of Venus is yellow-orange in color.

33. Did you know The Venusian atmosphere is extremely dense, composed for the most part of carbon dioxide.

34. Did you know Venus is a planet covered by three layers of clouds, which extend for up to 70 kilometers of altitude.

35. Did you know The pressure on Venus is 90 times greater than Earth’s. The ships that were sent there were unable to survive for more than an hour.

36. Did you know Venus has larger continents than Africa, mountains older than Everest and canyons wider than the Grand Canyon.

37. Did you know There are more than 1 million volcanoes on Venus. They launch millions of tons of toxic gases every day into the planet’s atmosphere.

Earth facts for kids and Adult

Earth facts nasa

Did you Know Facts About Earth Planet

38. Did you know Earth is estimated at 4.5 billion years. Explore space at a speed of 660,000 miles per hour.

39. Did you know The oldest rock in the world, called St. Peter and St. Paul stones located in the Atlantic Ocean, is 4 billion years old.

40. Did you know The Earth weighs 6,588,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons.

41. Did you know The largest desert on earth is the Sahara, whose area is 9.06 million square kilometers, the size of Europe.

42. Did you know The Earth revolves around the Sun at a speed of 107,000 kilometers per hour, or 29.72 kilometers per second.

43. Did you know The Moon is 384,405 kilometers away from Earth.

44. Did you know The Earth rotates around its axis in March more slowly than in September.

45. Did you know If the earth is compressed into a sphere with  2-inch ball, the surface will be as smooth as a billiard ball.

46. Did you know The largest continent is Asia, with 44.4 million square kilometers.

47. Did you know The temperature inside the Earth increases by 1 degree every 60 feet down.

48. Did you know If the world becomes truly flat and the ocean is evenly distributed over the surface of the earth, the water will be about 2 miles at each point.

49. Did you know The Earth may enter a collision course with the planet Mars , Mercury or Venus in a billion years. Most likely it will collide with Mercury.

50. Did you know With only 0.44 square kilometers, the smallest country on earth is the Vatican.

51.Did you know Glaciers occupy 5.8 million square miles, or 10 percent of the land area in the world, covering the territory of South America.

52. Did you know The maximum temperature already registered in the Earth was of 58º Celsius, in the Libyan locality of Al Azizia. The minimum was -89 degrees Celsius at Vostok station in Antarctica.

53. Did you know The world is not round. It is a compressed spheroid, flat at the pole and convex at the equator.

54. Did you know The most populous country on earth is China, with incredible, 1.3 billion people.

55. Did you know the Vatican is the least populous country with only 500 inhabitants.

56. Did you know The most populous metropolitan region is that of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Believe it or not, but it is home to 30 million people.

57. Did you know The most populous city without considering the metropolitan region, is the Chinese Shanghai, with 18.9 million inhabitants.

58. Did you know The sun’s rays are about seven times stronger on Mercury than on Earth.

59. Did you know The largest ocean is the Pacific, with 189 million square kilometers. Detail: It covers almost 1/3 of the planet.

60. Did you know The smallest ocean is the Arctic, which is about 13 times smaller than the Pacific.

61. Did you know The length of the planet’s shorelines is about 504,000 kilometers, enough to take 12 laps on the equator.

62.     Did you know The deepest point on Earth is the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. It has an unbelievable 11,000 meters of depth.

63. Did you know The largest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea, with 371,000 square kilometers. 

64. Did you know The deepest lake is the Baikal, in Siberia, which reaches 1,680 meters deep.

65. Did you know The largest river is the Amazon, in South America, with 6,850 kilometers in length.

66. Did you know The largest river in volume of water is also the Amazon. Just 1 minute of its flow to quench the thirst of all mankind.

67. Did you know The largest mountain chain in the world is the Andes Mountains, with something around 7,000 kilometers long.

68. Did you know The highest mountain is Mount Everest, in the Himalayas, at an altitude of 8,848 meters.

69. Did you know There are at least 500 active volcanoes on the planet. The largest is the Mauna Loa in Hawaii, over 12,000 feet high from the ocean floor.

70. Did you know The largest forest in the world is the Taiga, or boreal forest. It occupies 29% of the earth’s vegetation cover and extends across three continents: America, Europe and Asia.

71. Did you know The largest rain forest is the Amazon. With about 5.5 million square kilometers.

Did you know the geology of venus appears to be dominated by volcanism

Mar facts for Kids and Adults​

Did you know facts About Mar?

72. Did you know Mars was thus baptized in reference to Mars, the Roman god of war, derived from the Greek Ares.

73. Did you know A day on Mars lasts 24 hours and 37 minutes on the ground.

74. Did you know The year on Mars lasts 687 days, the time the planet takes to make a full circle around the Sun.

75. Did you know The planet’s poles have caps made up of frozen water and carbon dioxide.

76. Did you know Mars has a red appearance because of the presence of iron oxide on its surface.

77. Did you know Mars receives less solar radiation than Earth – only 44% of the radiation that arrives here.

78. Did you know Sometimes Mars is hit by sandstorms.

79. Did you know The lowest temperature recorded on Mars was -140 degrees Celsius and the highest, 20 degrees Celsius. 

80. Did you know Mars has two misshapen moons: Phobos and Deimos, whose names mean Fear and Terror.

81. Did you know The largest volcano in the Solar System is Mount Olympus (Olympus Mons), a Martian mountain three times larger than our Mount Everest.

82. Did you know Mars has several canyons. One is ten times larger than the Grand Canyon.

83. Did you know The Earth may enter a collision course with the planets Mercury, Venus or Mars 1 billion years from now. Most likely it will collide with Mercury.

84. Did you know Meteorites from Mars have been found in the Sahara and Antarctica .

85. Did you know A manned trip to Mars would take about six months, with the detail that the spacecraft is expected to remain spinning around the Earth for 30 days to gain momentum.

86. Did you know Mars may have had more water than our Arctic ocean. 

87. Did you know The orbit of Mars is more elongated compared to the other planets in the Solar System.

88. Did you know While the Earth’s sky is blue, Mars’s sky is pink.

89.Did you know A 68-pound person would weigh just 26 pounds on Mars.

Jupiter Facts for Adults and Kids

Did You Know Facts About Jupiter Planet?

90. Did you know Jupiter is twice as large as all the planets, satellites, asteroids and comets of the Solar System together.

91. Did you know  Jupiter has the largest number of moons. Ganymede, one of these moons, is larger than the planet Mercury. 

92. Did you know If Jupiter were hollow, there would be more than 1,200 Earths inside.

93. Did you know Jupiter is the planet of the Solar System with the highest number of Moons: 69. The second place is with Saturn, with approximately 34 moons.

94. Did you know Names of some Jupiterian moons: Métis, Tebe, Himalia, Lara, Adrasteia, Carpo, Cilene, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto and Io (the latter are known as the “four large” moons of Jupiter).

95. Did you know The largest moon in the solar system is Ganymede. It has a larger diameter than that of the planet Mercury. Detail: Ganymede gathers 70 times more water than all the oceans on Earth.

96. Did you know Europe has a layer of cracked ice that hides an inland ocean. It is considered to be one of the bodies of the Solar System most likely to contain life.

97. Did you know The body with the largest volcanic activity of the Solar System is Io, one of the Jupiterian moons.

98. Did you know The most blasted object in the Solar System is Callisto. The holes were caused by the clash of millions of meteorites over time.

99. Did you know A 68-pound person would weigh 159 pounds on Jupiter.

100. Did you know Saturn is not the only planet in the solar system with rings. Besides it, the planets Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter also have rings.

101. Did you know Earth’s sky is blue; that of Mars, red; the one of Jupiter, black.

102. Did you know Jupiter’s famous red spot is a hundred-year-old storm. it is three times larger than the Earth.

103.   Did you know The planet of the Solar System with the shortest day is Jupiter. There, the day lasts just under 10 hours.

104. Did you know Jupiter is also a gaseous planet. Gaseous planets discovered outside the Solar System are called Jupiterian planets, or Jovian planets.

105. Did you know the interior of Jupiter is made of metallic hydrogen. 

106.   Did you know Jupiter has a magnetic field so powerful that it attracts to itself other bodies of the solar system, like comets. 

107. Did you know Discovered in 1993, comet Shoemaker-Levy collided with Jupiter the following year. The shock was recorded from Earth and generated dark spots on the planet.

108. Did you know Jupiter was named by the Romans in homage to a god of mythology. Jupiter – equivalent of Zeus – is the father of Mars and grandfather of Romulus and Remus, the mythological founders of the city of Rome.

Saturn planet facts for kids and Adults


109.   Did you know Saturn is by far the most beloved planet among astronomers, both for its beauty and its mysteries.

110. Did you know the day in Saturn only lasts 10 hours? As Saturn spins fast around its own axis, the day passes fast there. This means that the Saturnian year has 26.280 days.

111. Did you know The planet Saturn received this name in reference to the god of Roman mythology Saturn, but was already called Kronos and Star of Ninib.

112. Did you know With an equatorial circumference of 378,600 kilometers, Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter.

113.Did you know Saturn orbits the Sun about 9.5 times the Earth’s distance from the Sun and therefore receives almost 100 times less light than our planet.

114. Did you know A year on the planet Saturn equals nearly 30 years on Earth. While a year on Earth holds 8,760 hours, a year on Saturn has 262,800

115. Did you know Saturn is not the only planet in the solar system to have rings. Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also have their own.

116. Did you know Saturn’s rings are made up of seven main rings, separated by some empty bands, with particles of ice, dust, and rocky material of varying sizes.

117. Did you know Saturn rings were baptized with the letters D, C, B, A, F, G, and E (the nearest is D and the farthest, E). They were named alphabetically in the order in which they were discovered.

118. Did you know The most accepted theory for the appearance of the rings of Saturn assumes that they would be the remains of a destroyed moon after the collision with another celestial body.

119. Did you know The rings of Saturn are no less than 60,000 kilometers wide?

120. Did you know Saturn is plagued by storms so colossal that they can be observed from Earth. 

121. Did you know Evidence has already been found of lightning storms on four planets in the Solar System, and one of them is Saturn.

122. Did you know Saturn is the least dense planet in the Solar System. If there was a giant pool, it would float freely in it.

123. Did you know Saturn sends twice as much energy to space as it receives from the Sun. 

124. Did you know Saturn is flattened at the poles. The difference between the diameter of your equator and its poles is 10%.

125. Did you know Saturn has five irregular satellites called the Inuit Group. It is formed by moons with names taken from the Inuit language (people of the Northern Hemisphere known as Eskimo): Tarqeq, Siarnaq, Paaliaq, Ijiraq and Kiviuq.

126. Did you know Mimmas, one of Saturn’s moons, is similar to the Death Star, a giant ship in the Star Wars movie series.

127.  Did you know It is suspected that Reia, the second largest satellite of Saturn, is surrounded by rings. If suspicion is confirmed, Reia will be the only moon in the Solar System with rings.

128. Did you know Titan is the second largest moon in the Solar System, behind only the Jupiterian moon Ganymede. It is 50% larger than the earth’s moon.

129. Did you know Scientists have recently proven the existence of propylene, the raw material for plastic, in the atmosphere of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

130. Did you know is the only moon in the Solar System with a dense atmosphere.

131. Did you know Enceladus has water reservoirs below its surface. This was only discovered after the existence of huge eruptions of water on that moon – a sign that its core must be strangely hot.

132.   Did you know A team of North American and Dutch astronomers found a planet outside the Solar System with a gigantic ring system, 200 times larger than Saturn’s. Most surprising is that some of the material in these rings is aggregating and forming moons

Uranus Facts for kids and Adults

uranus facts for 6th graders?

 133. Did you know The planet Uranus was named after the god Uranus, the father of Cronus and the grandfather of Zeus in Greek mythology.

134. Did you know It is known by virtue of its bluish and almost monotonous atmosphere.

135.   Did you know Uranus was discovered in 1781 by the German astronomer William Herschel. it was the first planet discovered with the help of a telescope.

136. Did you know it is Seen by the naked eye, Uranus is only a pale spot in the sky.

137. Did you know Uranus is 2.9 million kilometers from the sun, being the seventh planet in the solar system.

138. Did you know Like the other gaseous giants, Uranus has a ring system around it. It was the second system to be discovered, after the Saturn system.

139. Did you know Its atmosphere is composed of hydrogen and helium and almost all of its mass – something around 80% – consisting of water, ammonia and methane crystals.

140. Did you know Researchers from the UK have announced in 2018 that Uranus has a rotten egg smell. The fault is hydrogen sulfide, the same gas that makes spoiled eggs smell so unpleasant.

141. Did you know Uranus is the second planet less dense of the solar system, behind only of Saturn. By the way, did you know that Saturn would float easily in a giant pool?

142. Did you know – Titania is the largest moon of Uranus – and the eighth largest of the Solar System

143. Did you know Uranus takes 84 Earth years to go around the Sun (that’s right: if it had been born in Uranus, a 84-year-old Earthman would have only one year).

144. Did you know Uranus axis of rotation is inclined 82.5%, which causes that part of the planet remains illuminated by the Sun and the other part, in absolute darkness.

145. Did you know The day on Uranus takes only 17 hours and 14 minutes. Detail: the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

146. Did you know  Uranus is one of the coolest planets in the solar system. From there, the temperature can reach -224º Celsius.

147. Did you know Uranus has a rocky core with the same size of Earth. 

148. Did you know that it rains diamonds in Neptune? The finding was recently confirmed. But scientists suspect that the phenomenon also occurs on Uranus.

Neptune facts for kids and Adults


149. Did you know Neptune was the first planet found from a mathematical prediction.

150. Did you know Neptune was discovered in September 1846 by the English astronomer William Lassell. Of bluish color, it catches the attention of astronomers for its turbulent atmosphere …

151. Did you know it rains diamonds! 

152. Did you know Neptune was given the same name as the god of the seas in Roman mythology – Poseidon, in Greek mythology.

153. Did you know Neptune is the eighth and last planet in the distance from the Sun (before Pluto’s classification in the planet-dwarf category, Neptune was the penultimate).

154. Did you know If Earth were 1 meter from the Sun, Neptune would be almost 40 meters.

155. Did you know One year in Neptune lasts for 164.9 years and the day, about 16 hours.

156. Did you know Neptune has 17 times the mass of Earth and is the third largest planet in the solar system in mass.

157. Did you know Saturn is not the only planet in the solar system with a ring system. In addition to it, the planets Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have rings.

158. Did you know Neptune is the planet with the fastest winds of the Solar System, reaching 2,000 km / hour.

159. Did you know There is a storm in Neptune greater than the Earth. Called the Great Black Spot, it takes 10 days to go around the planet.

160. Did you know Neptune has 14 moons, the best known being Triton.

161. Did you know The coldest place in the Solar System is Triton, one of the moons of Neptune, with temperatures that can reach icy -240 ° Celsius.

162. Did you know Triton is also considered the most stinking moon in the Solar System. It smells of ammonia.

163. Did you know The scientists discovered in 2012 an exoplanet made almost entirely of diamond. In Neptune, it even rains diamonds.

164. Did you know why is Neptune blue? Everything indicates that the bluish color is the result of the reflection of the sunlight on the methane, one of the elements that form the atmosphere of the planet. 

Pluto facts for kids and Adults


165. Did you know Pluto is one of the bodies of the Kuiper Belt, an area of the Solar System that extends from the orbit of Neptune . 

166. Did you know Pluto was considered until 2006 the ninth planet of the Solar System, but a resolution of the International Astronomical Union created a new definition for planet and reclassified it as a dwarf planet.

167. Did you know There are five dwarf planets in the Solar System: Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris.

168. Did you know Pluto has one fifth of the mass of the moon and one third of its mass.

169. Did you know Pluto has an orbit so eccentric that for some years it is closer to the Sun than Neptune.

170. Did you know Until recently, it was taken for granted that Pluto had only three satellites, called Charon, Nix, and Hydra.

171. Did you know Some astronomers, however, believe that Charon is a brotherly body of Pluto, with which it would form a binary system.

172. Did you know Not long ago, two more moons were discovered on Pluto. The discovery is so recent that they were only baptized in 2013. They are called Styx and Kerberos.

173. Did you know Charon has a diameter of 1,184 kilometers, more than half that of Pluto, with 2,336 kilometers.

174. Did you know The year in Pluto lasts 248 years.

175. Did you know If the Earth was 1 meter from the Sun, Pluto would be 40 meters


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